Examples of some of the samples taken

Samples used in research

Samples of use in research come in many shapes and sizes. These are just a few examples of the many types which may be involved

  • Needle biopsies

    Small samples can be taken through the skin to make a diagnosis. Any left over can be useful or research

  • Biopsies

    These are small bits of tissue removed to make a diagnosis. Any material left over after tests have been done can be useful for research

  • Urine and faeces

    Even though these are usually flushed down the toilet researchers will need permission to use these as they contain some of your cells

  • Organs

    Sometimes whole organs may be used in research- obtained at an operation or after death

  • Tissue removed at surgery

    In many cases there is tissue left over after an operation, once all the necessary routine tests are finished. This is a really important source of samples for research

  • Blood

    Consisting of white cells, red cells and plasma. Used in many research projects. Often obtained at the same time as blood taken for routine tests